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Serenity Hens

Location: Simonton, Texas in Valley Lodge

Contact Info: 281-636-7710 or 832-651-0768 for availability and pickup location

*Free delivery in Valley Lodge
 Sorry we do not mail eggs
 No fertalized eggs for hatching sold

What's available:

  • $5.00 Doz - Chicken Eggs (multi-color)

    At the current time approximatly 12 Doz available a week. Hens are a mix of Barred Rock, Easter Egg, Ideal 236, Blues, and Welbar. Note that currently we also have new hen layer (1.5 months) at $3.00 Doz which would be classified in stores as small.

  • $7.00 Doz - Duck Eggs (white)

    At the current time approximatly 3 Doz available evey 5 days. Only six hens. Hens are all Magipie.

    Most people have never had a duck egg. They taste the same as chicken eggs with a richer yoke. They contains 71 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, compared with 37 for a chicken egg and 130 calories, compared with 80 for an extra-large chicken egg, and 9 grams of protein, compared with 7 grams for a chicken egg.

    If you love Yokes, you'll love Duck eggs

  • $5.00 Each - Goose Eggs (LARGE white)

    At the current time she lays when need to, about 1 - 2 per week. Only one hen.

    Goose eggs have the same taste and texture as duck eggs, but much larger. About 3x the size of a duck egg.

    Like duck eggs if you love Yokes, you'll really love Goose eggs

General Information:

No antibiotics, Free range on property during day time

All eggs are collected and cleaned dailly and stored at 35 deg. For those who desire unrefigerated eggs arragements must be made in advance

All eggs are ungraded, so sizes range from medium to large. Note that small eggs are seperated for sale. Duck eggs are extra-large+ and Goose eggs are just HUGE.